Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I never knew what fascinated people about blogs. After working all day and having a whole ton of stress -ala "the world is on my shoulders" why would anyone give themselves more work? I realize recently though that even though i'm always annoyed by people who say "if you keep doing the same thing you'll get the same results" they're actually right. If I need a way to escape (which God knows I do) then I've got to find creative ways to do so. Here goes...

I must begin with a few disclaimers. Things that annoy me to death about myself and that I judge others for I find that I can't take. I'm not ready for that level of scrutiny and judgment as it relates to my own words/work. I consider myself a fairly private person so this is definitely an effort to jump out there and be a bit more open about thoughts that are close to my heart. So, typos and grammatical errors tend to jump out at me when I read other people's stuff. I don't like it, find it a bit annoying but not sure if I can take that level of feedback right now. I'm essentially writing just for the sake of writing so if there happens to be any non-supporters in the mix, please beware.

This is my first entry so i'll make it short. I'm going to share a low light of my day today with the hopes that tomorrow I will have tons of highlights. I got into a minor fender bender today with some dude who was hastily backing out of McDonalds (don't ask why I was in McDonald's since I'm supposed to be on a veggie diet). I thought it was totally his fault but was prepared to be nice enough (since I was in a typically shady side of town and was having flashbacks of innocent folks losing their lives over dumb stuff like this). The guy came out of his car after the incident and of course started yelling at me that it was my fault and I was too close to him. Of course, for all the intellectual rationalizing that one goes through people just sometimes make you forget that you're supposed to have some sense. So I started yelling back and telling him that he was backing out too quickly of the parking lot and that it wasn't my fault. He went on an on about insurance, etc, etc. I ultimately tried to calm him down and made him realize that we were both ok and the scratches on our cars wasn't worth the hassle. Ultimately we resolved the issue -thank God! So as i'm leaving the McDonald I realize that there's this dude in his car who was watching the entire incident; saw the whole thing happen. I said, "do you think I did anything wrong?" He was like, "Well, you were a little close to him I guess..." Annoying. Anyhow, I left unscathed. God is good.

I'll check back in tomorrow or some time between Friday. In closing, to all interested, hard working too stressed out peeps out there - what were your highlights and low lights today? Can't wait to hear it!
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